When asked, almost everyone will tell you they started drinking coffee in college. It's a staple, no matter what country you're in coffee is always there.  I'm talking about coffee shops and no, Starbucks doesn't count, even if they're taking over the world. Coffee shops are all relatively the same, each with their own unique... Continue Reading →

Oh To Be Royal

Every traveler has a “must-see” list, and every traveler's list is different. The list all depends on what you like, maybe you’re a museum lover, a park wanderer or a bar hopper, maybe all three. No matter which way your list leans, when traveling to France, you will find Versailles somewhere in the mix. Locals... Continue Reading →

“Oh Les Vaches”

 "Oh la la! Careful! Careful!!" Those are the words that came from the French women passing by as I sat on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher. This seemed rare to me since most people are too caught up in finding their own level of comfort while standing 700 feet above the Atlantic to... Continue Reading →

12 countries, 1 rule

I have a clashing personality. I easily go with the flow and just as easily can be extremely stubborn when I've made a decision. For as easy going as I can be; when I want to do something I do it. I was with my family, waiting to board a flight thinking about how much... Continue Reading →

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