Eggs Not So Over “Easy”

I woke up this morning to an empty apartment ( a rare joy when you are studying abroad and living with a host family) and a hungry stomach. Overly excited to use the kitchen and make my favorite meal of the day, the simple egg breakfast became Avocado Toast topped with Salmon and Over-Easy Eggs.

I stood sipping on my coffee, getting all the ingredients out of the fridge, popping toast into the toaster… taking full advantage of these little joys. With smashed avocado on the toast and salmon sitting neatly on top, I placed the handle-less saute pan (a host family quirk I have yet to understand) on the stove. I then flipped on the gas (another quirk) and instantly threw in some butter. After cracking one egg on the counter and slowing dropping it into the pan, with the most satisfying sizzle I have ever heard, breakfast started. A quick flip and sear then the first egg was on the plate looking beautiful.

An important fact about me and over easy eggs is that we never seem to get along. I make a few pretty ones here and there but the simple, crack, wait and flip process never is so “simple”. Yet, the first egg went so well so how could the second possibly go wrong? Yeah, the confidence got the best of me. I cracked the second egg and placed it in the pan forgetting to re-butter it beforehand, a rookie mistake I now realize. The minute the egg went into the pan I knew it was not going to be coming out over easy. I tried never the less and managed to flip it. However, within a mili-second, the yoke broke clearly showing me that that egg was meant to be scrambled.


By the end of it all I sat down, took one bite and was happy with how it came out, scrambled egg and all. That one egg inspired the concept behind this blog, funny how things work that way. As I sat in front of my computer scrolling through my favorite food blogs and photos I realized that not all end products are “glamorous, mouth watering, masterpieces” and honestly they shouldn’t be. Not all delicious meals look pretty (have you seen a fruit smoothie with spinach?) and sometimes cooking simple foods aren’t always simple. Flashback to the time when my dad managed to spill half of a pre-made pumpkin pie in the oven on Thanksgiving.

That is what A Taste of Life is about, the glamorous and unglamorous, the pastry you eat post run, the half of the green smoothie that’s left because the first half ended up on the floor. The meals you eat when traveling or the meals you make when you forget to grocery shop ( we’ve all had the last remains of cereal with the questionably dated milk before, don’t try to hide it).  It’s simply a taste of everyday life.

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